Legal Advice BD

The legal system in Bangladesh is based on the common law tradition and is composed of various courts and tribunals. The Supreme Court is at the apex, divided into the Appellate Division and the High Court Division. Below the Supreme Court, there are district courts, magistrate courts, and specialized tribunals. Legal Advice BD

FIS Unveils Atelio: Transformative Fintech Platform for Seamless Financial Integration

Atelio by FIS is an innovative fintech platform facilitating seamless integration of financial services for institutions, businesses, and developers, aiming to transform the financial landscape. With three initial clients and potential for significant industry impact, Atelio aligns with Embedded Finance trends, leveraging FIS’ expertise and technology infrastructure to enable customized financial experiences and broadened customer…

Top 50 ASX Stocks by Dividend Yield for Consistent Income

Invest in the 50 ASX stocks by dividend yield known for their consistent income, ensuring a reliable stream of earnings for your portfolio. These stocks are great for investors looking for steady and predictable returns. Top 50 ASX Stocks by Dividend Yield for Consistent Income